Music – Sounds We Live By

music to live by

Music surrounds us.  Even in a silent room, listen closely, hold our breath, and find that even then, the ever present thump of your heart whispering its beat to your ever listening ears.  One might even find them self tapping along with their foot or hand, gently swaying to the tune.  Walk alone sometime in the seemly dead months of winter, in a leafless forest, and find your self standing center stage in front of an orchestra of sounds as the wind uses the never lifeless limbs of even fallen trees and leafs to orchestrate a song that could have you almost dancing.  Trust me, if you allow yourself, you could end up leaving the scene with a playful bounce to your step or an even gratifying tear running down your cheek. 

One only needs to look at their personal collection of music to see just how we almost need to be surrounded by the beats, tones, and tempos of sound.  The primal need being emotional, physical and spiritual. 

Cleaning out the chaos of music files, CDs, sound files, and other media bits scattered as if it where a mosaic throughout the home network and pushed back in each room’s junk drawer.  I found myself emotionally tied to each file, diskette, cd and sound playing birthday card.  Each emotion fluctuating stronger and weaker then the next, but all tied to moments in life both pleasant and tortured, and yet all treasured.

May we all be able to take a moment to reach to the back of each room’s junk drawer, and allow ourselves that one second it takes to simply remember.


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